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Sophie Monk just brought up the Ubergate scandal with Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner

And it’s safe to say things got awkward. Very awkward.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Sophie Monk -- who we love for her ocker twang, down-to-earth nature and the ability to say exactly what everyone else would only dare think -- made things sufficiently awkward between Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner on the Today show on Wednesday.
During a live segment of the morning program on the Gold Coast, the 37-year-old brought up that leaked phone conversation.
ICYMI Karl and his brother and Nine colleague, Peter, made headlines last month after an Uber driver touted details of a conversation the siblings had while Peter was in the back of the driver's car. The call is believed to have included an "extraordinary" attack on co-workers, including Georgie.
But back to the rubbing of salt in wounds…
As the trio were battered by torrential wind and rain during their outdoor interview, Georgie asked Sophie about the vibe and atmosphere on the Gold Coast.
"There is no traffic," Sophie said of her hometown. "My Uber got here in four seconds. I didn't say anything in the Uber though."
"You never know. You do like talking," the hosts answered.
"I know, but I have stopped since that whole thing. I b*tch too much," Soph continued.
"About the weather?" they asked her.
"Yeah, among other things. Should we move on? Sorry."
What followed was a whole bunch of squirming, awkward laughter and scrunched up faces.
Karl and Pete both issued preemptive apologies shortly after the explosive conversation made headlines.
"We talk a hundred times a day and hardly ever about work," Karl told the Sunday Telegraph.
"But we did, and the conversation was recorded. And we are sorry. I was angry with myself at first that I could be so stupid. Pete and I were guilty of having a spray after a Sunday BBQ."
"For the record Georgie Gardner is killing it as well. She's the best thing to happen to the show in years. She's hungry, she's working hard and making the show better every day. I love working with her. Anyone says differently, they don't know."
"Ps. I'll be taking cabs from now on," he joked.
WATCH: Karl is forced to face the music as he returns to co-hosting the Today show alongside Georgie. Post continues...
Peter added: "I did a silly thing and feel awful for any embarrassment I've brought to my (Channel 9) colleagues, who I deeply ­respect."
"I have spoken directly to the people involved and have offered my sincerest apologies as I have been raised to do. Do something wrong, apologise, and try to move on."
"It is embarrassing to not only get myself into this situation but also my big brother, and the network."
"There's nothing quite like having all your insecurities out there for people to see and read."
"I am now investing in a hands free earpiece, and I gave the driver one star - but only because you can't give a zero," he concluded.
Moving on...