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Now that's gold! Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy get their kit off in the name off being tanned

Who needs PDA when you can just get naked?

By Chloe Lal
Fans are perplexed over the fact that they're not all over each other 24/7... Instead choosing to act like adults their age.
Well, now Stuphie (yes, that's what we're calling them) have given their naysayers a whole lotta nakedness.
The reason behind their very public display of skin - a tanning session.
Those who tan together, stay together.
We have to say, Sophie and Stu are giving us bronzed goddess dreams.
Wrapping their modesty in a white fluffy towel, the couple showed off their glowing brown backs.
Throwing caution to the wind, and looking all kinds of incredible, Soph opted for a peek of side boob as her tousled tresses cascaded over her shoulder.
Sophie kicked off her Insta story with this snap...
Prepping her fans for some serious lols.
But we have to have say, there's nothing funny about this shot. Sophie looks smoking!
Sharing the snaps to her Instagram story, Soph began, "Glow By Beca is tanning Stu and I," teaming it up with a heart emoji.
She then joked about their past dance battle, "You thought our dancing was bad..."
Posting her naked back shot, she followed it with, "Bitch stole my look!"
Ending the story with Stu copying and getting his own spray tan.
Well, Soph always said a sense of humour was important when picking her chosen one and Stu clearly got the memo!
Are you ready?
Move over Apollo, there's a new Greek god in town.
The couple, who fell in love on Ten's dating show The Bachelorette, seem to be getting their hot on just in time for Stu's 45th birthday today.
Sophie hasn't shared what she's going to get her man for his big day, though we bet it will be something very rosy.
Just this week, the 37-year-old reaffirmed her love for Stu while MCing a gig for the McDonald's Supercrew Awards.
"Ronald [McDonald], will you accept this rose?" she asked.
Adding, "If you're that much of a loser and can't find a girlfriend like I was?"
Sadly for Ronald, who accepted the rose, Sophie admitted she was not available.
Joking that she was "getting confused herself," Soph remarked, "Even though the media says [we've] broken up, I'm pregnant and married, I'm still with the guy."
Things are still very rosy for the couple!