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Inside Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy’s boozy bust-up

A Christmas Eve boozefest led to the couple’s split.

While Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy were all smiles on social media over the festive period, insiders tell Woman's Day their Canadian holiday was anything but romantic as the pair refused to spend Christmas Day together after an alcohol-fuelled argument the night before.
A fellow holidaymaker at the SilverStar Mountain Resort claims to have seen Stu, 45, checking into a separate hotel from Soph, leaving her broken-hearted.
"Stu looked really sad. He took his luggage to the other hotel at about 12.30pm on Christmas Day," a witness told us.
"Even though it was a short distance, he walked up a hill and struggled with his case in the snow. It was strange he didn't get a car up there."
Soon after, Stu arrived at Sophie's hotel and the blonde emerged puffy-eyed "like she'd been crying."
Stu appeared downcast.
The reality star was flustered as he lugged his suitcase up the hill.
The source says Sophie and Stu met up for lunch on Boxing Day but showed no affection to each other.
Just last month the Bachelorette couple were rocked after Woman's Day revealed pub baron Stu had been flirting up a stom with TV personality Jo Casamento.
Stu met Jo, 43, during an interview and the pair hit it off – just a few days before he made his play for Sophie on The Bachelorette Australia, and at the time he seemed eager to strike up a relationship, even though he was committed to finding love with Sophie.
It's believed the 45-year-old checked into a different hotel to Sophie after their fight.
Stu and Sophie found love last year on The Bachelorette but have had a bump ride ever since.
When Sophie emerged she looked puffy-eyed "like she'd been crying."
Meanwhile Sophie recently revealed on an interview on Mamamia's No Filter podcast, the 37-year-old opened up about her dynamic with Stu, revealing her work commitments keep them apart.
"I travel a lot for work. I think they're used to these people coming off the show and being together as a profession every day, but I'm never home."
"We've both got separate lives as well, we're not co-dependent, either," Soph explained.
The pair met up on Boxing Day but were frosty.

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