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"We need a big bed!” Sonia Kruger admits she and her daughter sleep in the same bed

The Today Extra co-host also shares a glimpse into life with her the adorable tot.

Sonia Kruger -- television personality, mother-of-one and all-round superwoman -- has revealed that her little daughter, Maggie, sleeps in her bed every night.
Sonia, 51, explained that her once “brilliant sleeper” has taken to the pesky, though adorable habit of jumping into her mum’s bed at the peep of day.
"She was a brilliant sleeper," she told Nine Honey’s podcast 9Supermums. "Now she wakes like clockwork at one or two am. I'll get up and go get her ... then she wants a bottle so I give her that and then we go back to my bed. Then the dog wants to get in the bed so I get up and get the dog.”
She added: “We need a big bed!”
Despite the early morning wake-up call, the 51-year-old insists she’s “lucky”-- noting that many other working mums aren’t afforded the same flexibility inherent to her glamorous (and undoubtedly tiring) job.
"I get home at 1pm most days and I get to spend the afternoon and evening with Maggie. Most working mums have to leave home at 6.30am or so and then they don't get home till 7pm,” she said.
"They're the ones who are doing it really tough ... they're the ones who deserve to put up their hands and say, 'I'm, tired'. I can't hold a candle to those ladies ... not at all."

Sonia, who hosts The Voice Australia, also shared that her little tot is developing quite the personality!
"She's very busy right now," she said. “She's chatty... very chatty. She uses big words now and sometimes she uses them in context, which is weird. She called me impossible the other day. I think she learned that word from Peppa Pig."
After struggling to conceive for years, Sonia fell pregnant at 49 through IVF using 
a donor egg from a close friend.
Speaking to TV WEEK about her lovely daughter, whom she shares with partner Craig McPherson, she said she’ll be “grateful forever.”
“I feel really lucky 
to have her [Maggie],” she said. 
“I’m going to be grateful forever and a day that 
I got to have her.”
The Aussie-native revealed 
that while she would love 
to have more children, she knows it’s not an easy road.
“I don’t think I’ll push 
my luck,” she said.
WATCH: Sonia Kruger introduces her little daughter on the TODAY show. Post continues...
In fact, for now, Sonia 
is choosing to focus on keeping fit and healthy.
“I feel exactly the same way [now] that I felt when 
I was 28 – and that could be 
a problem,” 
she laughed. “At the moment, I’m doing weights and trying to build muscle again – I haven’t done that for years.”
She added: “I’m one of those people who like to mix it up 
a bit. Take the dog for a walk – it’s nice to get that time to yourself.”

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