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Sock doll

Use an old sock to make this charming soft doll - perfectly soft for newborn babies to grab and squeeze. MATERIALS
One child's white sock (size 9-12)
Polyester fibre filling
White thread
Blue and pink stranded embroidery thread
50cm x 6mm ribbon METHOD STEP 1
Cut off the top of the sock, about 5cm above the heel. Cut this piece in half again, widthways. Cut the lower of these pieces in half again, lengthways to form the arms. The top section forms the hat, the foot forms the body. Push a small amount of the filling into the toe and work a row of running stitches around the sock to form the neck shaping. Tie the ends to secure the gathering. STEP 2
Cut a 5cm slit down the shin in the remaining heel section of the sock. Starting at one side, stitch corresponding edges together with small hand stitches, stuffing the legs and body as you work. Keep working in this way until the whole body is filled and the stitching is complete. STEP 3
Turn under, then stitch the raw edges of the arm pieces together, adding stuffing as you work. When the arms are complete, stitch one to each side of the body. STEP 4
Work a row of running stitches around the cut edge of the hat piece. Gather up the stitches and secure by stitching through all layers three or four times. Cut nine lengths of blue embroidery thread. Make three plaits of varying lengths. Knot at each end. Repeat with pink thread. Stitch the plaits to the top of the hat. Work the eyes in satin stitch, using blue thread. Work the mouth in back-stitch with pink thread. Pull the hat over the doll's head and tie a ribbon around its neck to finish.

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