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Under fire: Snezana Markoski’s Instagram post hits a nerve

The Bachelor star has copped backlash from online commenters after sharing a photo of herself with her young daughter Eve.

By Jody Phan
Fans are up in arms after Snezana Markoski, who won the Bachelor Sam Wood’s heart in last year’s series, shared a photo of herself and daughter Eve sitting in a bathtub to plug a brand of coffee scrub.
In the controversial photo, the 35-year-old and her daughter are both sporting matching shower caps while Snezana flaunts her body wearing just a nude bra, while Eve flashes a pout as she holds up the beauty product.
Many online commentators have slammed the reality star for sharing the picture, claiming it's too racy.
"Eve hates coffee but this one passes her test!! #getdirtyforcleanwater," Snezana captioned the photo.
Fans were quick to condemn the Bachelor beauty after she posted this bathtub shot on Instagram.
Commenters were quick to jump on the post, accusing the brunette of “sexualising” her daughter.
"I am all for a little letting of the hair down, but personally I think it's gone a little far with a 10-year-old,” one user wrote.
"Great job of sexualising a child," another outraged fan added.
The molecular biology student quickly responded to the comments with a meme.
"To all the haters stay tuned, you are going to have so much more to be p---ed about,” the post read.
However, not all reactions were negative. "I think this is all done in good humour but I wouldn't personally have my daughter in a pic like this. But everyone is different! Snez is clearly a devoted mother, so I trust her judgement here," one supportive fan wrote.
“You both look fabulous,” another person noted.
Aside from the cyber controversy, it’s been an exciting few weeks for the Perth native.
In December, [Snezana and Sam Wood became engaged(http://www.womansday.com.au/celebrity/australian-celebrities/sam-wood-and-snezana-markoski-are-engaged-14328) during a visit to the Bachelor’s home town in Tasmania.

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