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Skeletal remains found near I'm A Celebrity camp

The remains were found near the UK's I'm A Celebrity camp located in Brisbane.

By Holly Royce
The UK version of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Here was set to be filmed near J.C. Slaughter Falls, Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane - because what's wilder than Australia?
Even an Australian location that's just a four hour walk to Brisbane Airport.
While we may scoff at our reputation as having a rough and terrifying terrain, we can't disagree that the location of the Brit's I'm A Celebrity has had a pretty rough run so far.
The latest in a series of setbacks (including an early cyclone season) has been the discovery "human remains" close to the where the celebrities camp was to be located.
The remains were found just off a walking track close to JC Slaughter Falls. Seven News reported that a group of bushwalkers surveying the area and searching for a popular zipline came across the grisly discovery earlier this week.
Little is known about the identity of the remains and at this stage, the age and gender of the individual also remain unknown. A backpack was found nearby, though has so far proved unhelpful with furthering the investigation.
The UK version of I'm A Celebrity was set to start filming in mid-November, and the celebs who will be calling Australia home for the duration of the show have not yet been revealed.
For their sake, we hope this is the last in a long line of bad luck for beautiful bush the area.