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Sir Ian McKellen is a secret One Direction fan

Ian Mckellen appeared on the Graham Norton show with One Direction, sporting a One Direction t-shirt

The veteran actor appeared on the show with the boy band heart throbs in the UK this week sporting a rather fetching 1D t-shirt. In news to make teenage girls around the world seethe with envy, the feeling is mutual with 1D band member Harry Styles telling Sir McKellen that he thought he was “amazing” and resting his head on his shoulder.
The actor, who is set to reprise his role as the impressively bearded wizard, Gandalf, in the upcoming Hobbit movie, The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies further delighted audiences/the internet with his dramatic reading of some 1D lyrics. The result lends ditties about girls a magnificent pathos and elegance.
Currently on the press circuit for The Hobbit, McKellen is quite hoping for a different kind of role next, telling the Metro in the UK of his pantomime aspirations,
"I want to play Mother Goose at The Palladium," he said.
In reality, the actor will next appear in Mr Holmes which stars McKellen as an ageing Sherlock Holmes and he is linked to a biopic about celebrated mannered playwright, Noel Coward.
Please enjoy Sir McKellen’s poetic interpretations of 1D below.
For an added bonus here is a reminder of McKellen’s magical friendship with fellow actor Patrick Stewart in which they are wearing matching bowler hats and generally winning at life.
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