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Big Bang Theory actor was almost a weatherman

He's the centrepiece of every geeks favourite TV show, Big Bang Theory, but in his latest interview Jim Parsons says he was almost a weatherman.

Jim Parsons is a Fantasy Football player, hates Karaoke, and has a bed time of eight pm each night, but the most surprising thing the Big Bang Theory star reveals in an interview with Vanity Fair is that he wanted to be a weatherman.
Parson’s idolised the weatherman Neil Frank growing up, and his interest in meteorology not only led him to following the coverage of 1983’s Hurricane Alicia very closely, but eventually into meteorology class at the University of Houston.
Fortunately, for every geek's sake, Parson failed the class.
His interests had already swayed towards acting by then, so he skipped class on a regular basis, eventually moving to the University of San Diego to complete an M.F.A (Master of Fine Arts).
"It was just like, 'You know what? I found my passion already,' ” Parson's told Vanity Fair.

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