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Sharon Osbourne reveals she suffered a mental breakdown

The incident left the reality star hospitalised and unable to talk or eat for days.

By Elizabeth Best
Sharon Osbourne has opened up about the very personal struggles she faced back in 2015.
The host of The Talk revealed a six-week absence from her popular show was due to her being hospitalised for a mental breakdown.
She says the episode left her unable to talk or eat for three days.
The 63-year-old personality said she finally felt like she was in a place where she could talk about it because she now has a “good grip” on her condition.
Sharon made the brave confession on her TV talk show.
Ozzy was reportedly the one who checked her into hospital.
Sharon, who split with her husband Ozzy Osbourne for a brief period earlier this year, explained that during the 2015 incident, she had taken on “too much” in her life.
"I had a complete and utter breakdown,” Sharon explained.
She says her family were the ones who put her in a facility.
Her family were extremely concerned about her condition.
“I woke up in Cedars Sinai Hospital and for three days I knew nothing,” she said.
“I couldn't think, I couldn't talk, I could do nothing. My brain just shut down on me.
“I was doing too much of everything, thinking that I’m Superwoman, I’m so strong, I can handle this, and it just fused... my brain just totally fused.”
Sharon explained even the most basic tasks confounded her.
Sharon said she'd taken on too much work.
“I couldn’t cope with anything,” she said.
But the reality TV star says that the help she got at Cedars Sinai was what pulled her through.
“I found for me the group therapy was the best thing,” she said.
Sharon has had a rough couple of years! Watch her emotional return to The Talk after Ozzy allegedly had an affair in the clip below. Post continues...
She continued: “It took me days before I could even speak. I didn’t want to speak, I didn’t want to eat... I couldn’t keep thoughts in my head. My head was like a whirlpool... not one thought would stay in.”
Sharon said she chose to speak out about her illness more than a year after it happened to try to help others suffering in silence.
“If I can help somebody else along the way, I would feel great to be able to give whatever advice or just what I went through to help somebody else, so they don't feel ashamed,” she said.

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