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Shannen Doherty shaves her head as cancer battle rages on

The actress shared the intimate moment with her social media followers.

By Elizabeth Best
Shannen Doherty has been determined to raise awareness for breast cancer since her diagnosis with the disease in August.
And her battle has just taken a very personal turn, when she shared the moment she shaved off her hair with her social media fans.
In an intimate series of six pictures, the former Charmed actress revealed the emotional moments as she went through the process of chopping off her locks.
In the first photo, she can be seen looking extremely distressed and exhausted, being held by a friend.
Shannen tears up when talking about her diagnosis in the clip below. Post continues.
Shannen was seen getting extremely emotional before the shave began.
Then she began, taking a pair of scissors to her tresses as her friends watched on and documented the whole thing.
Her friends continued to support her through the process, taking photos and assisting her with the cutting as needed.
She soldiered on, chopping her locks off first.
Shannen was determined to show her followers what she was going through to raise awareness of the disease.
The star had hinted she would be making the big change earlier in the day, posting a cryptic message alongside an assortment of seemingly mismatched objects.
“Cupcake pan, chocolates and a razor… Stay tuned. #cancersucks #thankgodforfriends,” she said.
Dr Oz explains why he things Shannen will beat her cancer in the clip below. Post continues.
The Beverly Hills 90210 star is set to have surgery later this year, following drug treatment and chemotherapy to shrink the tumor.
"They're just breasts," the star had said previously. "I mean I love them... Mine, and everyone's they're beautiful but they're just breasts."

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