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Shane Warne erupts in a foul-mouthed rant on social media after losing World Series of Poker

And along with the loss came the loss of a fair chunk of change too.

By Elizabeth Best
He’s one of the greatest sportsmen our country has seen, but it seems Shane Warne isn’t a good sport when it comes to losing.
Warnie let it rip on Twitter after losing a few hands, and a lot of cash, at the World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas.
The father of three raised more than a few eyebrows when he blew off some steam as his big loss on the social media platform.
“Never been so angry in all my life,” the 46-year-old said. “Got Aces two hand in a row and both cracked. Once by two pair (KQ). Next hand sixes found a six on the flop!”
It all went downhill from the start of the game for Warnie.
He accompanied his first message with an angry face emoji. But he wasn’t finished there.
“Still in shock at what just happened, so sick!” he continued.
Shane is a regular poker player at the World Series.
“If anyone says that’s poker I will put one on their chin, game of skill my a**, get f#@?#%.”
Watch Shane size up his competition for the tournament in the interview clip below. Post continues.
Check out the price on Shane's entry ticket! Turns out losing doesn't come cheap.
The King of Spin still couldn’t let it go and posted another update, still fuming at losing his money.
“Has it ever happened in the history of the #WSOP main event that a player gets Aces two hands in a row and both get cracked?”
Check out the, um, awkward poker-related present Warnie's mate gave him for a housewarming present in the video below. Post continues.
The star was left fuming after a run of bad luck.
The star had previously snapped a picture of his buy in ticket earlier in the week, which showed he’d payed a whopping $10,000 down the drain.
That's a lot of money to lose just to be allowed to play!
At the time, his social media followers were quick to wish the sportsman luck, or marvel at his extravagance.

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