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Shane Warne gets bitten by anaconda

Looks like Shane was the food in this food challenge.

During a challenge on the reality TV show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne was shockingly bitten by an anaconda.
While the stars have been in the South African jungle for the show, they’ve had to do a series of alarming stunts, but we doubt Warne will be forgetting this one.
The scary incident happen during the Tucker challenge, when Warne had his head face-first in a container full of writhing snakes – which he’s terrified of, mind you – to retrieve a food star with his mouth.
Ironically, host Chris Brown said to Warne just as he was about to face-off with the snakes, “Just a warning … they might see you as food.”
The situation went from bad to worse when the vicious anaconda lunged at his head with its fangs and struck him.
The snake bite isn’t poisonous, but it’s extremely painful.
Medics treated the wound with antiseptic and will keep monitoring Warne for signs of infection.
The alarming incident will air tonight.
Watch the video of Warne getting bitten right here:

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