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"The light remains": Simone Callahan honours ex-husband Shane Warne at his state funeral

How she's remembering the father of her children.

By Maddison Leach
Tens of thousands of fans attended the state memorial service honouring Shane Warne on March 30, including his ex-wife Simone Callahan.
Arriving at the MCG with her and Shane's three children Brooke, Jackson and Summer Warne, Simone clearly still had plenty of care and respect for her ex-husband, despite having split more than 15 years earlier
There was even a reference to their first meeting during the service, when a letter from the '90s from Shane's younger brother Jason was read: "So I hear you're in love - tell me about Simone."
Simone Callahan arrives at Shane Warne's state funeral. (Image: Getty)
Shane and Simone first met in 1992 during a celebrity event in Melbourne and instantly formed a connection. The couple dated for three years before they wed in 1995.
In the following years they would welcome their three beautiful children; Brooke in 1997, Jackson in 1999 and finally Summer in 2001.
For almost a decade the couple made the most of family life, but a series of scandals and tension in the marriage led Simone and Shane to split in 2005.
WATCH: Simone opens up about her marriage to Shane. Story continues after video.
Though there were rumours of a reignited romance through the late 2000s, those were all but quashed when Shane debuted his relationship with British star Liz Hurley in 2010.
Despite the split, Shane and Simone always worked hard to co-parent their three children in a kind and respectful way.
And after his tragic death, the devoted mother showed up for her children in every way she could, supporting them publicly through the heartache of losing their father.
"Who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone the light remains," she wrote in tribute following Shane's passing.
Simone and Shane in happier times. (Image: Getty)
She also accompanied Brooke, Jackson and Summer to visit his statue at the MCG in the days after his death to see the tributes left there.
The foursome later gathered at St Kilda Football Club in Melbourne in late March for a private funeral to farewell Shane.
Photos from the intimate family event showed Simone comforting her children and raising a toast to her late ex-husband.
At his public memorial service, she showed once again that even after all this time, Shane holds a special place in her heart.
Simone raises a glass at Shane's private funeral. (Image: Getty)

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