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Shane Warne busted smoking during cancer fun run

And he lit up again as soon as the race was over.

By Elizabeth Best
Apparently Shane Warne can’t keep his bad habits under wraps even when he’s racing for charity.
The sportsman has come under fire for lighting up cigarettes during a fun run for cancer research.
According to The Daily Mail, the former Aussie cricketer stopped during the race to take smoke breaks during the 18km Connor's Run in Melbourne over the weekend.
Then when it was all over, Shane reportedly collapsed flat on his back and lit up another cigarette.
He was seen to be covering his exhausted-looking face with one hand, while using the other to puff away at the smoke while still lying down.
Shane ran out of puff, so he had a puff.
Onlookers say he looked completely relieved when he was allowed to light up.
Shane lay on the ground catching his breath with the help of the ciggie, before his 18-year-old son Jackson, who was also running, helped him up.
It's not the first time Shane's smoking addiction has gotten him in trouble. Check out his law-breaking puff in the video below. Post continues.
Shane had been participating in the charity run in Melbourne alongside Jackson, and his daughters Summer and Brooke.
All money raised from the charity event went to the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation, towards brain cancer treatment and research.
Meanwhile, Shane recently announced his surprise new business venture - emojis!
Flirty Shane was at it again!
Dubbing them WarnieMojis, the sports star says he's excited for his foray into the tech world.
"I’m super excited about my naughty and nice emojis and I’m pumped for the October launch, just in time for the cricket season," Shane explained to the Sun Herald.
“People take themselves too seriously. Life should be about having fun, and fun emojis are an accepted part of communication in 2016.”
The King of Spin joins a long list of celebs with their own bespoke emojis including Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen and Amber Rose.

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