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BREAKING: Shane Warne bitten on the head by an anaconda

The cricket star came off second best during an I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! food challenge.

Channel Ten has confirmed that Shane has been bitten by an anaconda in the South African jungle.
The alarming incident occurred during a food challenge he was contesting on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!.
The Aussie cricket legend began the challenge face-deep in a container of rats, trying to find a coveted food star with his mouth.
Shane Warne came off second best to an anaconda in the South African jungle.
If that wasn’t stomach-churning enough, the cheeky spin bowler was then confronted with a pile of snakes, which were also concealing a prize.
Host, vet Dr Chris Brown, warned Shane that after his duck-dive into a pile of rats, the snakes “may see you as food”.
Despite his obvious anxiety, with the thoughts of his mates back at camp and their grumbling tummies no doubt serving as motivation, brave Shane went head-first into the writhing pit of scales.
Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t long before the anaconda struck his head with its vicious fangs.
While the anaconda isn’t venomous – instead it chooses to squeeze its prey to death – its bite is described as “the pain of 100 hypodermic needles at once”.
Medics were on the scene and have treated the bite with antiseptic.
We get to watch the heart-stopping episode when it airs tonight, however for a sneak peak at Shane’s run-in with the anaconda, watch the video below. If you dare…

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