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“Just admit it!” Seven Year Switch’s Kaitlyn Isham urges MAFS' Cheryl Maitland to 'fess up

Kailtyn (randomly) weighs in on Cheryl's latest pap mishap.

By NW team
Remember when Married At First Sight's Cheryl Maitland was sprung arranging paparazzi shots on Wednesday after a photographer leaked private messages between the two of them?
Well, while Cheryl insists that she planned to stage photos because she’s “annoyed” by other photographers, Seven Year Switch star Kaitlyn Isham doesn’t buy it.
“I love Cheryl but don't fool yourself. We all want attention or we wouldn't have gone on TV,” she “Come on, just admit it!”

But it’s not all bad blood between the reality stars, with Kaitlyn adding, “I loved your shot in Maxim by the way. So hot, I'm so jealous.”
Kaitlyn's comments come after Cheryl was outed by photographer Jayden Seyfarth, who exposed a private message shared between the two in which Cheryl tipped him off on her whereabouts in an attempt to organise a “candid” photo shoot.
“Hey I'll be in Melbourne this weekend,” she direct messaged him on Instagram.
“I can organise someone down there if you like,” Jayden responded.
Although, he did more than just that. On the sly, he took a screenshot of their conversation and posted it to Instagram with the caption: “When they need to stay relevant”.

Cheryl spoke out about the incident to News.com.au, saying, “I’m frankly getting annoyed with paps taking photos of me when I don’t know and it makes me on edge every day.
“I mentioned to him [Seyfarth] I would be in Melbourne and if he wanted to meet me there that was fine... The paps are going to take photos of me no matter what, so if I already know I won’t be so stressed out and they won’t be following me as much,” she added.
Sorry Chez, but you’ve just been caught red-handed!

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