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Is there another Seven Year Switch baby?

This picture may confirm that Jackie and Tim have a baby on the way.

Looks like there could be ANOTHER baby out of Seven Year Switch!
Despite major tensions between Jackie and her partner Tim recently, it seem the couple are well and truly on and might even have a baby on the way.
This week Jackie said her and Tim were ‘over’ after learning that the matching tattoos of Tim and Tallena were actually real, but this photo could prove that the couple have made up.
Someone spotted the two at the Fitness & Health Expo in Melbourne over the weekend and shared this photo of the smiling couple.
Jackie is wearing a fitted black shirt and is sporting what could possibly be a baby bump.
Tim and Jackie have been a rollercoaster this season of the show, with Tim and his experimental partner sleeping in the same bed and jumping in the spa together.
This will be the second baby to come from the series, with Cassie expecting a child too!
Seven has been contacted for comment.

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