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Sarah Jessica Parker was sent a treadmill by film producers

And yes, it is the passive-aggressive gift that you think it is.

By Caroline Overington
The producers of one of Sarah Jessica Parker’s earliest films sent her a treadmill to make sure she was ‘fit enough’ to appear in a bikini.
People magazine says that Sarah Jessica – who is super-thin at the best of times – revealed the passive-aggressive gift during an interview with Sirius XM radio.
The magazine says Sarah Jessica remembers having to run to "Everybody Dance Now" by C+C Music Factory every day ahead of her bikini scene.
"I was about to do Honeymoon In Vegas and before that I was off to do another movie in Iowa," Parker, who was 27 at the time, recalled.
"The producer of Honeymoon In Vegas was very concerned about me being fit for Honeymoon In Vegas. So they sent a treadmill to Iowa - dead serious.
"I would very diligently go out every single day and run like a lunatic to this song.
"And then we went to Vegas, I had a treadmill also in my room and I would get up every morning and run."

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