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Proof SJP is just like Carrie Bradshaw – she’s launching a line of books!

The Sex and the City actress has an exciting new role.

By Abbi Malbon
Just like Carrie Bradshaw before her, Sarah Jessica Parker will soon be working more closely with words – as editorial director for SJP at Hogarth Publishing.
The actress has proudly announced her new role and, according to the New York Times, the 51-year-old “will help find, edit, and publish three to four new novels a year.”
The position came about after Sarah met the head of Hogarth, Molly Stern, three years ago.
“As a lifelong book lover, as someone who treasures and admires the skill and talent of original and powerful story tellers it is my great privilege to be invited into the world and business of books," the star said in a statement.
"Especially thrilling to join those who serve the rich history that is Hogarth. I so look forward to offering to readers the sort of books that have inspired my life long devotion to the written word."
The sitcom star is a huge fan of reading and stories.
The star’s first list is “anticipated to debut in 2018”. However, if new rumours are to be believed, she could be taking on another HUGE workload.
Speculation is rife that a Sex and the City 3 movie is in the pipeline, and Sarah isn’t ruling it out…
WATCH: SJP discusses the possiblity of a new SATC film. Post continues...
Speaking on Watch What Happens Live, she addressed speculation.
“There’s an old-fashioned thing called a warming drawer, and it keeps the plates warm, so that when you serve the food it stays warm. So I have been saying it’s in the warming drawer!”
Her dream job, and every SATC fan’s dream sequel? We must be in luck!

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