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Sarah Harris brings out her adorable son on Studio 10

Pauly easily won over the crowd.

He may be only eight weeks old but Sarah Harris’ son Paul is soaking up the spotlight.
Sarah brought out the gorgeous newborn earlier today to the set of her show Studio 10 to introduce him to his TV family.
Just a few days ago, the TV host told News.com.au that she was hoping Paul’s debut would go smoothly. “When you have a baby, you realise it’s a noisy show … There’s so many sounds he heard all the way through the pregnancy,” she said. “The applause, the people chatting and the music, it’s a comfort to him. That’s pretty cool.”
In reality, it couldn’t have gone any better. Sarah’s cast members were doting over the new bub, posting photos on social media. Colleague Jonathan Coleman shared this photo on Instagram of little Pauly meeting Sarah’s co-host Jessica Rowe.
Sarah plans to return full-time to Studio 10 after Easter.
VIDEO: Sarah Harris introduces baby Pauly

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