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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Sandra Bullock's secret adoption battle

The Hollywood star’s boyfriend Bryan Randall won’t stop until he officially becomes ‘Dad’ to her kids.

He's already father to her adopted children Louis, nine, and Laila, seven, in all the ways that matter, but now sources are telling Woman's Day Sandra Bullock's boyfriend Bryan Randall is doing everything in his power to make his role as 'dad' official – even if it means enduring a nasty court battle!
According to our insider, the photographer is desperately trying to erase his shady past so he can officially adopt her two children. But Bryan, who has been sober for more than a decade and is reportedly a changed man, could be in for a serious fight.
Before meeting Sandra in 2015, the recovering drug addict had a bad rap sheet involving drugs and various other offences.
This included driving while under the influence, having a temporary restraining order placed on him by neighbour John Stacer and being sued by his late former partner for child support, even though she was also a heroin addict and later died from complications related to the drug.
Sandra and her son Louis Bardo Bullock. (Image: Getty)
According to police and court records, Bryan, 53, has had nearly a dozen arrests with offences dating as far back as 1988.
However, the restraining order – allegedly caused by Randall vandalising the man's house with dog poo and videotaping the horrifying episode – was as recent as 2012. He was also arrested for a DUI in 1990 and pleaded guilty, serving four days in jail as well as receiving two years' probation.
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In October, Portland-born Bryan applied to Jackson County District Court, to "set aside his arrest record".
According to local laws, he'll have to produce an affidavit for each arrest record he wants expunged, and to be successful he must have had no ongoing criminal case or conviction in the last 10 years – and not have been charged for the arrest he wants removed.
Sandra is set to stand by her man in his quest to become father to her two children. Getty
It's believed Sandra's model boyfriend hasn't been charged for an offence for more than a decade as the restraining order against the neighbour wasn't made permanent.
According to adoption agencies, expunging arrest records can make a big difference to being able to adopt a child and could improve his chances considerably. However, California law requirements for adoptive parents state the criminal record "shall be taken into consideration on the ability of the adoptive parent to provide adequate and proper care and guidance to the child".
According to his former neighbour, Bryan has a "notoriously erratic temper" Image: Getty
And although Bryan has never committed a violent felony, the alleged incident with his neighbour could be damning for him, particularly as John claimed he was "emotionally and physically paralysed with fear", adding that Bryan had "a notoriously erratic temper. I am scared of what he will do next."
But whatever the outcome there's one thing for sure: Sandra, 55, who met Bryan when he photographed her son Louis' graduation, will be standing behind her man as he takes on the biggest fight of his life.
According to US sources, the couple are happier than ever. "Sandy feels incredibly fortunate and blessed that she is sharing the parenting journey with Bryan. He takes care of her in all of the right ways.
"She feels loved and appreciated all of the time," says an insider. And while Bryan, who is also father to daughter Skylar, might have made some big mistakes in the past, Sandra believes he's a great dad to her kids. "Bryan is 100 per cent there for Louis and Laila, and wonderful with them in every way."
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