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"I perhaps rushed into it...": Samantha X regrets giving up sex work for ex-Ryan Phelan

“A valuable lesson ladies and gents.... Never ever give anything up for a man (or woman).”

By Holly Royce
After announcing her retirement from sex work to move onto a "brand new life," Samantha X (real name Amanda Goff) confirmed that she and Channel Seven reporter Ryan Phelan ended their relationship in January 2018. They were together for just three months.
Previously, Samantha X told The Daily Telegraph that she felt like a failure after the relationship ended.
Now, just a few months later, Samantha has openly spoken with Sydney Confidential, revealing she "regrets giving up her business after dating Ryan."
Posting the article on Instagram, Samantha elaborated on her comments.

"Valuable lesson ladies and gents.... Never ever give anything up for a man (or woman)," she starts the Instagram caption.
"Whether that be a job you love, your friends, your family or even your daily doughnut habit. No one forced me to retire from my $1000 an hour job (😣) - I did it for love. I perhaps rushed into it........ stay true and rather be single than in something doesn't quite fit."
"Rather be single than in something doesn't quite fit."
The mother-of-two told The Daily Mail that she planned to go back to university following the break up.
"I will continue to study my masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy and will continue to help and support other women. I will not be going back to escorting, and instead look forward to a bright future helping women be the best they can be with or without a man!"
Samantha's ex, Ryan -- the 2005 Cleo Bachelor Of The Year winner and father to two adult children -- had previously opened up to The Sydney Morning Herald's PS column about their romance.
"We met when Amanda came in to promote her second book, Back On Top, and I asked her out on a lunch date," he explained.
"We have pretty much spent everyday together since, I fell in love with Amanda, no one else, and that is who she is to me, Amanda, an outstanding mother and an outstanding woman."
He added: "If anything she has achieved a lot in her career and given an industry a voice it didn't have before."
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In October 2017, Samantha X announced her retirement from sex work and posted a photo of her last ever client -- a 76-year-old man with Parkinson's disease – before leaving for Europe with Ryan.
"After six wonderful years as Samantha, I am hanging up my Louboutins to move onto a brand new life…" she told her thousands of social media followers.
"This isn't a 'I'm taking a break but I'll be back' blog – this is it. The end of escorting for me, 
but the beginning of something even more wonderful… It wasn't always easy, but I wouldn't change a single thing… Now for the 
next chapter."