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Cold feet? Singer Samantha Jade sets the record straight on why she's called off her wedding

Sam reveals why she has postponed her wedding... again.

By Faye Couros
After postponing her wedding twice in 2020, singer Samantha Jade has once again called off her nuptials.
The Perth-born beauty, who currently lives in Sydney and wants to hold her wedding in the harbour-side city, refuses to tie the knot until the state's borders open up to NSW.
However with her wedding plans on hold once again, rumours have been swirling that the engagement has been called off for good.
In a new interview with the Daily Telegraph, the 34-year-old has set the record straight, telling the publication that she is still engaged to former Sony Music Australia executive Patrick Handlin and has postponed her big day due to the current boarder closures in the wake of the Delta outbreak.
"My family are in Perth, I am not going to get married if I can't walk down the aisle with my dad," the star explained.
"I feel like everyone in the world would understand that, I can't get married without my father and my brothers, so that's not a possibility for me right now," Sam noted.
The former X-Factor contestant admitted she was shocked to see recent headlines speculating on the state of her relationship. "We're very much engaged. We very much absolutely love each other, and we are very much going to get married."
"But there's no way if I can't have my family at my wedding."
Sam and Patrick have been engaged since early 2019. Instagram
The Aria award-winning artist seemed keen to get the ball rolling after her pandemic roadblocks.
"We just actually sat down the other day and said 'let's start planning again!' It felt like we'd start and then something would ruin it again."
In March this year, boarders had reopened, and the future was bright for the Sam and Patrick, who have been engaged since 2019.
However, the singer still expressed some trepidations about logistics in the wake of the pandemic and suggested she may have a small wedding.
"We're trying to figure out what that looks like because a lot of people are still nervous to fly." Instagram
"The wedding location may be somewhere around Sydney. But I obviously have to have everyone [fly in] from Perth," she remarked.
"We're trying to figure out what that looks like because a lot of people are still nervous to fly so we're trying to figure out if we do something really small and then have a party in Perth."
Now that the pandemic is at its worst in Australia, it may be a while until Sam and Patrick finally achieve their dream.