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Samantha Jade comes clean about Guy Sebastian

Samantha Jade’s close friendship with Guy Sebastian came under fire during their time on X Factor and now Guy’s wife, Jules is asking the tough questions.

By Chloe Lal
The three of them are close friends, but that didn’t stop Jules Sebastian asking Samantha Jade some sticky questions.
The mum-of-two used her YouTube series to ask Samantha a range of questions, but the most amusing was when she questioned the singer about her relationship with Guy.
“Sam, I've got a bone to pick with you,” Jules began.
“Now look, I've heard a rumour way back when you were on The X Factor.
“My husband, my very own husband was indeed your mentor and the rumour is that you won because it was rigged,” she said cheekily.
Not missing a beat, Sam giggled, “Oh yes I heard. It is true”.
Guy, Jules and Sam at the Arias.
“And then the other thing I heard - maybe you were getting it on with Guy Sebastian,” Jules said with a straight face.
“Yeah that was happening too,” Samantha responded.
The singer then explained how untrue the rumours were, explaining how she had even been living with the Jules and Guy prior to the competition.
“They're both not true,” Samantha clarified.
“Well it would be weird and you had a baby too,” she added.
Samantha may have won the show, but she felt her friendship with her mentor gave her a disadvantage.
“I think that is why I was at the bottom so much at the beginning too because they were like "you're friends, of course she is going to win".
But it actually worked against me I think, more than helped me.”
Despite any rumours about the past, Samantha is great friends with Guy and the 35-year-old stylist, who launched her new video series Tea with Jules last month.
Watch the funny interview in the video player above
Samantha is great friends with Jules.

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