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Samantha Armytage hits out at "smug" co-host

“You just worry about your own wedding.”

By Kate Wagner
Despite her success as a journalist and morning show host, it’s often Samantha Armytage’s relationship status that receives the most attention.
This morning on Sunrise, she quickly put a meddling co-worker back in their place when they tried to match-make on national television.
Sam and co-host Edwina Bartholomew were discussing the latest episode of First Dates where mullet-donning truckie Jake was left single.
“I'm just looking for a girl that's like one of the boys, really. Someone that can keep me in line but is happy to come down the pub and have a couple of pots with me as well,” he explained.
Edwina quickly chimed in that he could be perfect for Sam, who has been often said she wants a partner who is “very genuine and not into my career at all and who appreciates nature and horses and rural things”.
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“Sam I think Jake could be a manual driver, which I know could be one of your prerequisites,” suggested Edwina.
“He's, you know, single and ready to mingle.”
Samantha immediately dismissed the suggestion, much to the laughter of everyone else on set.
“All right, thanks Eddie. God, you've already become a smug married [woman], trying to be a matchmaker,” she retorted, verbalising the frustration of most single women around their coupled-up friends.
“You just worry about your own wedding.”

The 41-year-old has spoken extensively about her single status in the past.
“I meet lots of interesting men. In the past I haven’t been the greatest judge of character," she confessed.
"But I think I’ve done a lot of growing up in the last couple of years and I’m more definite about what I won’t put up with.”
Let this be a lesson to all loved-up women – your single mates don’t need you to match-make, especially not in front of hundreds of thousands eating their breakfast.