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Snezana Wood just made a HUGE mistake and the way she told Sam is totally relatable

''Then she cooks an amazing dinner and sits me down and says...''

By Anita Lyons
Not only are they the picture perfect couple, but Sam and Snezana Wood are completely normal too.
The pair, who met on the set of The Bachelor in 2015, are just like any other married couple - especially when it comes to the problems that married life can bring.
Taking to his 28 by Sam Wood members Facebook page last night, Sam shared a very funny story which most married couples can certainly relate to.
"Got home from work this arvo and Snez was being extra nice to me, then she ran me a bath....?" Began Sam in the post.
"She has never done this and she is the one that is 38 weeks pregnant, I should be running her a bath."
"Then she cooks an amazing dinner and sits me down and says........"
"I may have brushed my car today.
"I say 'brushed'?"
"Eve says 'crashed'. Mum crashed her car into a pole in a car park [sic]"
HA! We've all been there, Snez!
HAHA! Oops! (Source: Facebook/28 by Sam Wood)
At the time of publication, Sam's HILARIOUS anecdote had 1.1k reactions and the comments from his 28-ers were full of support for the mummy.
"It must be a thing... I've been pregnant twice and both times I've crashed my car.. first time into a pole in the car park, second time into my husband's parked car," one comment read.
"I also gave a little side cuddle to a car park pole towards the end of my pregnancy. I think they like pregnant ladies 💕" another one wrote.
And then there was this:
"Haha! Baby brain!! ....my baby brain made me do this the other day ..."
At least you didn't do this, Snez! (Source: Facebook/Amelia Ryan)
According to quite a few of the comments, it seems being 38 weeks pregnant is a magnet for car disasters, but we're just glad it wasn't too serious and no one was injured!
Back in February, the Woods announced they were expecting their second baby via Instagram Stories after eagle-eyed fans spotted Snez's growing baby bump in a previous photo.
"I know that a lot of people do beautiful reveals of baby genders... and they're having a baby... Don't get me wrong, I think that's super, super cute. And maybe because this is number three, we're not going to as much effort anymore. So this is our reveal," Sam explained in a candid home video, before panning the camera to Snez, who was hiding out in the pantry with a big grin on her face.
"When she's pregnant, all she eats is breakfast cereal... Coco Pops, Corn Flakes," the former Bachelor quipped, before adding: "We are very excited to announce in this very weird way on Insta story, that we are having another baby!"
And then a few weeks later, they revealed the gender of the bub in the sweetest way possible!
Story continues after the video...
"Hi guys, time for a little reveal, our little baby is...," she wrote.
And thus ensues pure happiness, as the family, including the pair's other children - Eve, 14, and Willow, two, who are seen initially in black and white in the video burst into full glorious pinked-out colour.
A girl! Watch the sweet moment below:
We couldn't be more excited to meet baby Wood in just a few weeks!

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