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EXCLUSIVE: Sam Mac admits his mum loves the spotlight more than him!

As Mother’s Day looms, we chat with self-professed “mummy’s boy” Sam Mac and his equally entertaining mother Loretta...

By Woman's Day team
Loretta McMillan, mother of Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac, is elated as she sits in Sydney airport after a long morning of live TV interviews and photoshoots.
"I had no idea I was going to be on The Morning Show!" she says.
"Sam's always throwing little surprises at me. But I could get very used to this lifestyle."
Sam and his mum Loretta snap a selfie. (Image: Phillip Castleton/Are Media)
The pair were waiting for their flight back home to Adelaide after a successful launch of Sam's memoir Accidental Weatherman, and it's these moments he cherishes with his mother – no matter how chaotic they may be.
"My job is incredible and I'm so grateful for this position but it does mean I have to sacrifice my time with my family," says 40-year-old Sam.
"I don't get to see my parents for the Sunday dinners. I miss out on lots of milestones like anniversaries and birthdays.
"There is a lot of guilt that comes with that but that's why I try to create special moments like bringing her onto Sunrise or taking her to the Logies."
When the Seven personality was nominated for a Gold Logie in 2019, Sam took Loretta, 69, as his date for the evening, and she arguably stole the limelight as she sauntered down the red carpet in a show-stopping green velvet gown.
"I'm just so proud of him," Loretta tells Woman's Day. (Image: Phillip Castleton/Are Media)
"Oh, I loved that so much," says Loretta.
Sam laughs, "She always tells me she's shy but you should have seen her on that carpet. She was telling the photographers to get a full body shot!"
He adds, "And after the carpet, the main objective of the night became about Delta Goodrem. We've just stepped into the room and she's like, 'Oh, there's Delta, I'm going to go say hello.' I had to say, 'Step away from Delta.'"
While Loretta may have a strong affinity for the Australian singer, it's clear Sam is the celebrity she praises the most.
"We were hopping into a taxi today and before we even sat down she was asking the driver if he watched Sunrise," says Sam.
"And when he said he did, she said, 'Well, this is my son Sam, you might recognise him.'
"He didn't recognise me – it was brilliant. She's the head of my publicity."
Loretta chimes in, "I'm just so proud of him."
Sam is incredibly close to his family. Instagram
Of course, being associated with one of morning TV's biggest names also doesn't exactly hurt, either.
"She works at a drycleaners in Adelaide and people who are picking up their dry-cleaning recognise her from my Instagram!" says Sam.
Sam has made a name for himself as one of TV's most loved personalities.
When Loretta is asked if she ever thought her son would be in any other field, she says she believes he would have made "a great psychologist" but knows his personality was made for the media.
"As a child he was always interested in people," she says.
"When he was 14 he'd always ring up our local radio station and make funny jokes and play tricks on the presenters."
Sam promoting his new book, Accidental Weatherman, on Instagram. Instagram
It's because of this support that the TV star says he's found himself where he is – with "the best job in the world".
And while he's shown his appreciation over the years – with trips to Ireland and VIP nights with Elton John – this year's Mother's Day gift may be a little more... humble.
"She'll definitely be getting a copy of my book," he says. "And she'll love it because there are a couple of glossy photos of her inside!"

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