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“She makes me so happy”: Meet Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac’s stunning new girlfriend

The sun is setting on his days of being single.

By Maddison Hockey
Sunrise weatherman and TV WEEK Gold Logie nominee Sam Mac is an unwavering favourite of morning television.
So, there's sure to be more than a few fans sharing in their disappointment at the news Sam is officially off the market.
Sam debuted the romance with this cute snap. (Instagram)
The Channel Seven star took to Instagram over the weekend to debut his new romance gushing over his stunning new girlfriend – Rebecca James.
"This is Bec. We were introduced on insta last year via our mutual friend @brookiechook," Sam began.
"Bec lives in Melb, & I'm in Syd, so the Victorian border restrictions meant it was illegal for us to meet in person."

He then went on to recount, in the sweetest way, how their friendship blossomed into something more.
"Here's where it gets cool. We very quickly struck up a great friendship. Insta chats, phone calls, Friday zoom drinks, we spoke every single day for almost 6 months!
"So when restrictions eased late last year, we could finally meet in person. By this stage I felt like I knew everything about her...except if she was interested in being more than friends 🤷🏽‍♂‍
"It was so surreal sitting down for that first dinner in person. We knew each other so well, but also not at all. It's not entirely relevant to the story but I want the fact that she was 24 minutes late to be on the record."
"I felt like I knew everything about her," Sam said of his blossoming romance. (Instagram)
So who is this stunning lady who's stolen the weatherman's heart?
Well Sam partly answers that burning question for us.
"Bec is a business owner, marketing boss & stylist, so naturally she was drawn to my effortless sense of fashion," he joked.
Having studied at the renowned Whitehouse Institute of Design, Bec is a fashion stylist and splits her time between Melbourne and Los Angeles.
Bec isn't a stranger to brushing shoulders with the stars thanks to her job and has worked with the likes of Ashley Hart, Actresses Ashley Brewer and Adelaide Kane, Winter Olympians Scotty James & Torah Bright, Basketballer Elizabeth Cambage and Comedian Joel Creasey.
"She makes me so happy & I'm absolutely delighted to share her with you guys," Sam rounded out his post.

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