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Everything you need to know about Kristie Mewis, the American soccer player who stole Matildas star Sam Kerr's heart

''I lost a lot of confidence, and I lost a lot of belief in myself.''

By Faye Couros
American sports star Kristie Mewis has stolen our Matildas captain Sam Kerr's heart at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.
The internet exploded when Sam made the news public by posting a polaroid of the rival soccer players embracing.
Kristie also uploaded a picture of the duo with their heads touching as they smiled at the camera.
The Polaroid that confirmed the rumours. Instagram
However, rumours began romantically swirling on the internet when the girls were photographed sitting on the field together after the Matildas lost to the USA team in a heartbreaking 4-3 defeat.
This nugget of good news is a breath of fresh air within the dire 24-hour-news cycle, so to celebrate love for all its glory, we have found out everything you need to know about the gorgeous Kristie Mewis, the U.S. athlete who caught our Aussie legend's eyes.
Kristie uploaded this selfie with Sam. Instagram
How old is Kristie?
Kristie is 30 years old, and her birthday is on the 25th of February, which makes her a Pisces – a sign known for its romantic nature.
Where is she from?
The American belle originally hails from a town in Massachusetts called Hanson.
How did Kristie rise to fame?
Kirstie played soccer in high school, and she finished her career there with 74 goals under her belt.
In 2008 she started gaining more recognition when she was crowned the NSCAA Youth Player of the Year, and she also nabbed the title of US Soccer Young Female Athlete of the Year.
Kristie embracing Sam after their Olympic match. Instagram
Inside Kristie's soccer career
In college, she played for the Boston College Eagles from 2009 to 2012, and in 2013 she joined Houston Dash, who she still plays with when she isn't supporting the national team.
In 2014, Kristie played her first international tournament for Iga FC Kunoichi Mie in Japan's women's league, as per Today.
However, according to Patriot Ledger, her career lulled after she tore her ACL in 2018 and she was sidelined for several years.
As a result, she couldn't play for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup team.
In an interview with Patriot Ledger, she spoke about how she struggled to accept that she didn't make the team because of her injuries.
"I feel like when I got cut from the national team before, you do lose a lot of your self-identity, you lose a lot of confidence.
"I was OK with being average for a couple of years there. I had some injuries. I lost a lot of confidence, and I lost a lot of belief in myself," she said.
Kristie with her younger sister Sam. Instagram
"Tearing my ACL was kind of a blessing in disguise because it woke me up a little bit. It made me realise, 'Kristie, what are you doing? You need to come back from this. You're missing out on your dreams."
Kristie made her epic comeback when she became a breakout star after regaining rank in the national team, and they went on to win bronze at Japan's 2020 Olympics.
Does Kristie have a soccer player sister?
Kristie's younger sister Sam Mewis has been a member of the national team for a few years.
They both made it to Japan together, and Sam told People Magazine what it means for the sisters to compete together.
"I feel like the only thing that could have made me making it better was that Kristie made it too," she said.
Does Kristie have any interests outside of sport?
Yes! The soccer player actually considers herself a little bit of a fashionista, and she's created an Instagram account dedicated to her outfits called Kristie's Closet. You can see her looks here.
Kristie with her ex-Girlfriend, soccer player, Rachel Daly. Instagram
Who else has Kristie dated?
Kristie was linked to British soccer player Rachel Daly, 29.
She is also a member of Kristie's soccer team, the Houston Dash, which is how they met.
They liked to share the occasional loved-up pictures on their respective Instagrams, but neither sports player revealed the reason behind their split.
Rachel also played at the Olympics for Great Britain, so hopefully they ended things on good terms.