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EXCLUSIVE: Sam Frost's advice for incoming Bachelorette Sophie Monk

She's the perfect Bachelorette.

By Chloe Lal and Amber Manto
It was only mere hours ago that it was announced the incoming Bachelorette for 2017 would be none other than Pop Star contestant, Bardot singer and radio jockey Sophie Monk.
Safe to say the entire nation was shocked by the decision, but what exactly does former Bachelorette Sam Frost think of the news? Now To Love chatted to her on the Logies red carpet to get her feelings on this very important matter.
"I love Sophie Monk, she's a little gun," Sam said at the event. "She's the perfect Bachelorette because she doesn't take bullsh-t, she's cool and she's a babe and I think she'll be fantastic."
So does she have her advice for her successor, considering she's been there and done that?
"I'd say stay true to yourself and your values, she's going to do that because that's the type of person she is."
Fair enough.
Since appearing on The Bachelorette herself in 2015, Sam has found herself single again after she split with partner-of-18-months Sasha Mielczarek in January. So now that she's back on the market is she looking for love again?
Sasha and Sam broke up in January 2017.
"To be honest I can't even remember the last date I went on, it was a couple of months ago. At the moment I've just been single and doing my own thing. I bought my own house. I live with my brother and my dog. It's not my priority."
But what exactly is she looking for on the dating scene?
"It changes, I've evolved as a person. I'm 28 and as you go through relationships and you meet new people, your priorities change. I want someone who is fun and makes me laugh a lot. And it true to themselves."
Sam Frost hit the Logies red carpet solo, wearing a gorgeous silky black gown by a Perth designer, something which Sam admits was rustled up quickly.
"It's quite last minute because I've been busy filming Hell's Kitchen. It's so much fun, all we do is laugh on set. I'm good mates with all of them," she says of her new venture.
Despite not being the best cook, Sam is giving it her best crack.
"I make so many canned tunas and rice but I'm trying to get better. The show is really challenging because you're under so much pressure. I'm a nervous wreck, I'm quite a nervous person."
Hell’s Kitchen starts soon on Channel Seven.