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Sam Frost and her Home and Away co-star Shane Withington share an unexpected (and hilarious) twinning moment

Who wore it best?

By Faye Couros
What do co-stars Sam Frost and Shane Withington have in common besides being stars on a hit soap?
Well, it turns out just a little more than expected.
Who do you think wore it best? Instagram
While filming a scene for Home and Away, Sam and Shane had to capture an unprecedented twinning moment, and they sure did scrub up well for their Insta moment.
They were both styled in the same baby blue scrubs with some snazzy sneakers to jazz up the hospital garb.
What they were both doing in scrubs is anyone's guess - Sam's character Jasmine is a nurse on the show, but Shane's character John Palmer? That one's lost on us...
True to Sam Frost's humour, she couldn't help but add some cheeky jabs at their expense by adding a poll to her Instagram story.
She asked her followers, "Who wore it better?" and gave everyone the option to vote "SHANE" or "Me… obviously."
The very sneaky "obviously" worked as a reference to her ability to evoke that model behaviour we know and love her for.
We know Sam can strike a serious pose. Instagram
"Got the IG model pose down pat," she wrote.
It is well known that Sam is a gorgeous woman who can strike a pose on a professional photoshoot as effortlessly as anyone.
Last week, she posted a picture of herself in a low-back, lace and frilled lavender gown that was captured by Peter Brew-Bevan photography.
The gorgeous image of Sam and her reflections against multiple mirrors is a sight to behind.
But if today's Instagram story is anything to go by, the always humble star is far from ever falling into the diva route.
The Home and Away cast have been busy filming, and last Thursday, they posted a slew of pictures from an upcoming black-tie scene filmed at the town's restaurant Salt.
Behind-the-scenes of the fancy Home and Away shoot day. Instagram
Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine on the show, led the Summer Bay style stakes in a chic off-the-shoulder fuchsia pink dress.
She marked the event with an Instagram post of herself, James Stewart, Lynne McGranger and Shane Withington gathered by a table decked out in candles and champagne glasses.
Now, the post lives on as proof that Shane can also, in actual fact, scrub up well too.

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