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Sam Frost reveals whether an engagement is on the cards for her and Dave Bashford

The Home and Away star explains why Dave Bashford isn’t about to put a ring on it.

By Erin Doyle
Her Home and Away character Jasmine is soon set to tie the knot with Robbo (Jake Ryan) in one of Summer Bay's most highly anticipated weddings.
But for Sam Frost, the sound of wedding bells on the small screen doesn't mean she'll be walking down the aisle in real life - and that's the way she likes it.
Sam told TV WEEK at the 61st annual TV WEEK Logie Awards that she prefers to keep her real life separate to that of her character's.
"For Dave and I, that will happen for us naturally but no, it's actually nice to keep the distance between the two because even though I'm separate, I like that Jasmine does it differently that what I would do" Sam said.
"Jas is a bit more traditional and I'm a bit more relaxed so it's a bit different."
And with Jasmine and Robbo's nuptials fast approaching, Sam hinted that everything may not run smoothly for the fan favourite couple.
"We're getting married soon, Robbo and Jasmine so it's really exciting but nothing ever ends well in Home and Away.
"We've got a lot of ups and downs and a lot of rollercoasters. It puts Jasmine and Robbo's relationship a bit on the rocks."
Sam Frost wowed in white at the 2019 TV WEEK Logies, but she won't be donning another type of white dress anytime soon. Image: Getty
While Sam may not be donning a white dress just yet, the former Bachelorette beauty has not been shy when it comes to gushing about her beau on Instagram.

In a touching post earlier this year, Sam seemed more loved-up than ever.
"Over the many years since we first met, we have been through so much together," she penned.
"At first we were too young & dumb. Lost each other... only to find our way back to each other again and again. 2019 is our year Bash. I love you with all of my heart and soul."
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Dave Bashford and Sam Frost are couple goals! Image: Instagram

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