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Sam Frost unveils brave new passion project after heartbreaking mental health battle

''Thank you for your support, patience and love.''

By Anita Lyons
When Sam Frost was thrust into the spotlight on Blake Garvey's season of The Bachelor in 2014, little did she know that her life would be changed forever.
After starring in her very own season of the popular franchise as The Bachelorette, her profile only continued to rise, with a short stint on radio alongside Rove McManus and landing the role of Jasmine on Home and Away.
While fame and success have seemed to come naturally to Sam, the actress has suffered silently with mental health issues, which she says have stemmed from being trolled by keyboard warriors at every turn.
And now a year after it was first launched, Sam and her sister, Kristine have revamped and relaunched their website, Believe by Sam Frost - a "mental health initiative for young girls and women".
Taking to her Instagram on Sunday, the starlet wrote: "My sister & I are super excited to share that our website @believebysamfrost is now LIVE 🌟 thank you for your support, patience and love. The website will continue to grow as we create more content for you all to enjoy 🙏🏻❤️""
Sam Frost and her sister Kristine have revamped their website, "Believe". (Source: Instagram/fro01)
Incredibly, the Instagram account has already clocked up 18.5k followers in just under 24 hours (at the time of publication) - largely due to Sam's star power.
But for the actress, it is much more than just gaining followers.
"I'm Sam Frost, a 30 year old Australian actor who, in the past few years, has gone through a public battle with depression, anxiety and relationship breakdowns," she writes in the "about" section on the website.
"Throughout this time, I have been very humbled and grateful to have had a large amount of support and love from people who have reached out to me personally, via email or social media, to detail their own dark battles — asking for advice and guidance.
"The vulnerability of these stories has moved me so deeply, inspiring me – alongside with my sister Kristine – to create Believe by Sam Frost."
And for sister Kristine, their family (including their four brothers) have endured their "fair share of challenges."
"During these testing times, my siblings and I have always armed together to support, encourage and guide each other through adversity to grow stronger than we ever were before."
Sam and her sister, Kristine. (Source: Instagram/fro01)
At the end of 2017, Sam was offered the role of a lifetime as Jasmine on Home and Away and was naturally over the moon!
In an interview with TV Week in January 2018, the former reality star revealed that not everyone was celebrating her victory.
Shortly after Channel Seven announced that she would be joining the cast, Sam was hit with a tsunami of criticism. Her social media was inundated with trolls labelling her casting as a "publicity stunt" for the show.
"I can understand why people would say, 'Hang on, isn't that the chick from The Bachelorette, and now she's going to be in Home And Away?'" the 30-year-old told TV WEEK.
"But people don't see the months of gruelling hard work I did in the lead-up to it."
It turns out, this wasn't the first time Sam had auditioned for the show.
"I didn't get the role I originally auditioned for and had to go through the process again," she explained.
Prior to that, Sam had revealed that she had been a target of cyber bullying for quite some time.
In 2016, the star took to social media to admit defeat. The trolls had finally broken her.
"To the fake accounts heavily rolling me online and into my personal life," she began.
"If you wanted to break me… Congratulations, you have won."
The emotional outpouring was then hash tagged with the word "broken" and a broken heart emoji.
While the nature of the bullying never came to light, it must have been serious enough to cause the TV star to finally give up.
"Congratulations, you've won," Sam said to her online tormentors. (Source: Instagram/fro01)
With such a public battle, it's no wonder that Sam is dedicating her time to this new initiative.
"This is a safe place where everyone is invited, included and accepted," an explainer reads on the website.
"A place where imperfections are celebrated. Here you will find uplifting stories of strength and resilience, with advice from psychologists and others who have walked a similar path.
"We believe in the power and strength of sisterhood where we encourage women and young girls to stand side by side and build each other up with support, kindness and acceptance.
"No matter how lonely it feels sometimes, always remember, you are never alone. This website is a safe digital home for you, to support, connect, inspire, educate and provide guidance to those of you who may be suffering.
"Our ultimate goal is to shine a much needed light on mental health and pave our way together with you through the darkness, so that we may all become the best versions of ourselves."
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