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Pregnant Snezana Markoski tells OK!: "I'm eating what I like... But I still work out!'

OK! sat down with the gorgeous Bachelor babe Snezana and her fiance Sam Wood to talk food, fitness - and why Snez will be in no rush to get back to her pre-baby body...

By OK! team
It's official: The Bachelor Australia's first-ever baby is on the way, and we couldn't wait to sit down with proud parents-to-be Snezana Markoski and Sam Wood, 37, to find out all about it!
The happy couple.
The loved-up couple have put their marriage plans on hold for now as they wait for their first daughter together to arrive.
"We’re not even thinking about that anymore, so that’s kind of on the backburner until after we have our little girl," Snez, 36, explains. But that's not a problem for the pair! "It’s all happiness," personal trainer Sam tells OK!.
"We’re both really excited."
We visited Sam and Snez in their beautiful Melbourne home to chat about all things baby, and how Snez is staying fit and healthy during her pregnancy.
How stunning does Snez look!
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Tell us about the moment you found out you were expecting…
Sam: We’d been hoping for Snez to get pregnant and then she did! She did about four tests. The first one came back positive and then she went again, and I was trying to tell her "Yeah, I reckon you are [pregnant]." Then she did one more...
Snezana: [Sam] was ecstatic. He was so happy, we were both very happy… We can’t believe that it’s happening!
The nation watched Sam and Snez fall head over heels on The Bachelor.
Snezana, you’re obviously a big fan of Sam’s fitness program, 28 By Sam Wood. How are you working fitness into your pregnancy?
I’m still doing the workouts. Obviously there are a few things you need to adjust and change, so you’re not straining yourself too much. But generally, I’m doing the same things. Sam’s got a good workout for women who are pregnant, so I can just keep going and not have to worry about dropping my exercise or having to do a complete different program.
Sam: Because she’s been relatively active, I think it’s important she’s stays relatively active – just modifies any movements that she needs to and doesn’t get too overzealous and get her heart rate or body temperature too high. Snez is pretty in tune with what she needs to do. She’s got lots of energy; she was tired when she was sick but now she looks really healthy and she’s going strong!

Have you had any weird cravings so far, Snez?
I love salty pickles! I’ve had a bit of a craving for custard and fruit cake, too, but that’s something that I try not to have a lot of. But that’s it for now - I couldn’t really eat the first few months, so there wasn’t any cravings then, but it's starting up now. I’m just trying to keep healthy now and not go too crazy and not give in to all of my cravings, so then it’s easier for after.

Does that mean you'll be hurrying back to your usual workout regimen after the baby’s arrived?
Snezana: We’ve spoken about that and we’re both agreed in the first six weeks, I’ll be taking it easy, which is what doctors recommend. I’m not going to go crazy and try to get my body back in two weeks, and try to win some race that everyone’s trying to run. I’m going to do it the healthy way and just taking it easy for the first six weeks. If the weight drops off, it drops off. But if it doesn’t, I’m not going to be starving myself or be doing ridiculous exercises to try and drop the weight as quickly as I can.
Sam: I bet she’ll be asking me to put her through her paces! I have this feeling that she’ll be like, "Ok, that’s it, I need you to kick my butt into shape." I’m sure we’ll put her on a fast and furious track, that’s for sure, once she’s got the doctor’s go ahead.

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