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Ryan Gosling had the best reaction to that Harry Styles video

“I’m more concerned”

By Zoe Burrell
Apologies in advance to your teenage daughters' hearts, because Harry Styles has been scientifically proven to have a serious crush on somebody, and it isn't any of them.
It turns out not even other celebrity heartthrobs are immune to the charm of Ryan Gosling, because during an on-air lie detector test on BBC Radio 1 last week, Harry's heart rate visibly jumped after he was shown a shirtless pic of R-Gos in The Notebook.
In the now-viral video, Harry was hooked up to a heart monitor and shown various images:
“Looking very handsome,” Harry joked as he was shown a picture of Ryan and his heart rate jumped from 60 to 70. (Understandably.)
Now, Ryan has given the Best. Response. Ever after being told the flattering news about his new admirer.
"I'm more concerned he may have a heart condition,” Ryan joked to Extra at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday. “It's less about me, more about something more serious."
Good looking and funny? Can this guy get anymore dreamy?
Despite being called out to the man himself, Harry is owning it.
“[Ryan] is a handsome man. I’m not ashamed,” he told Extra.
Shirtless Ryan makes our hearts race as well.
Meanwhile, Ryan is currently promoting his new flick, Blade Runner 2049 - a sequel to the 1982 cult classic – and has revealed what it is really like working alongside Hollywood legend Harrison Ford.
“I was kind of in a constant state of nervousness while filming,” admitted Ryan. “I’m obviously a great admirer of Harrison's. So, to get to work with him and, you know, hang out in these situations ... I feel very lucky.”
Jealous, Harry?