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Ryan Gallagher receives heartbreaking letter from young fan who passed away

''I hope one day you find a very nice girlfriend who loves you as much as I love trucks''

By Anita Lyons
Married at First Sight alum, Ryan Gallagher, has shared a heartbreaking post to his 184k followers on Instagram on Thursday.
The 30-year-old, who has since found success after the hit TV show as a comedian, posted a gorgeous letter from a fan named Josh - but it was the timing of the letter that will break your heart.

"Dear Ryan, My name is Josh. I am very excited that you are doing a show for me," Josh wrote. "My mum and me and my friend Sarah watched you on the married show. It was very funny when you ate the oisters [sic]. It made me laugh a lot.
"I hope won day you find a very nice girlfriend who loves you as much as I love trucks [sic]. Thank you for doing my show. From Josh."
While this may be the most adorable fan letter ever written, it's meaning has been especially poignant for Ryan, as this special little boy has passed away, before he could meet the comedian and give him the letter.
Ryan Gallagher has found success as a comedian after his stint on Married at First Sight. (Source: Getty)
"I had to share this," Ryan wrote about the letter.
"Next year I was doing comedy at this little guys fundraiser for cystic fibrosis, [and] he wrote this letter to give to me on the day, sadly Josh passed away recently and his mum showed me this today, I've never felt that way reading anything in my life. [sic]
"RIP little man, I also hope I find a girl and get that same feeling you get from trucks!"

Since the show stopped filming earlier this year, Ryan, just like all of the other contestants, has moved on to greener pastures - with Ryan's stand-up comedy routine being especially popular.
While he told Now to Love at the ARIAS that "he was done with all that MAFS stuff", Ryan previously used the show as fodder for his routine.
In fact, it was popular and straight on the money, that his "ex-wife" Davina Rankin came charging!
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In a text that was exclusively obtained by the Daily Mail, Davina Rankin ordered Ryan to stop using her as a punchline.
"Hey Ryan. It has been brought to my attention yet again that you have been using my name in your 'comedy routine' with you referring to me as a pig."
"I wanted to reach out to you first and politely ask you to stop defaming me for your own benefit, before I take this matter any further.
"If you continue to mention my name for cheap laughs, I will be passing this onto my lawyers.
"It's nice to have 10 minutes of fame, but please refrain from having to use me to get yours."
Ryan and his "ex-wife" Davina Rankin during Married at First Sight. (Source: Getty)
While all the drama with Davina may not seem worth it to the comedian, letters from fans like Josh certainly make it all worthwhile.
Sending our deepest condolences to Josh's family during this time.