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Ruby Rose slammed her girlfriend's sister's reaction to the marriage equality result

She quickly deleted the tweet but something tells us The Veronicas won't be releasing an album any time soon...

By Kate Wagner
Celebrities around the world took to social media to celebrate Australia’s phenomenal yes vote yesterday. Ellen Degeneres said she was proud of us, Natalie Imbruglia couldn’t stop crying tears of joy, and Ruby Rose had a crack at her girlfriend’s sister… wait, what?
For the uninitiated, Ruby’s dating Jessica Origliasso AKA half of The Veronicas. Fronting a pop duo with her twin sister Lisa might lead you to believe the two are close, but Ruby revealed a darker side to the relationship.
WATCH: The trio were getting along last year when Ruby filmed herself reacting to the twins' ARIA performance.
In an especially snarky tweet, the actress sarcastically congratulated Lisa for her reaction to the marriage equality result yesterday.
“So glad to see Lisa Origliasso screaming in excitement about the yes vote after telling us she thinks we should feel 'lucky' we don't get stoned to death like they do in other countries and to get over it a few months ago,” she tweeted.
“Really warms my heart,” with the extra spice of a rolling eyes emoji.
Who said the extra 140 characters on Twitter were a bad idea?
Obviously she deleted it pretty quickly, but her 1.33 million Twitter followers didn’t miss it.

To make matters worse, she then did one of those fake apologies where she really just had another swipe at Lisa.
“It's an emotional day. I'm a human being and need to remind myself not to let the people below try to drag me down,” she added.
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Things get juicier with the knowledge Ruby unfollowed Lisa on Twitter back in April and Jess did the same thing in September.
Lisa doesn’t follow Ruby on any social media platform and the normally close sisters haven’t posted a photo together in months.
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We won't be holding our breath for any tours then.