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Does Robert Irwin have a girlfriend? Here's everything we know about the Wildlife Warrior's love life

''If they're not ready to don that khaki and go feed crocs? Mate, it's not happening!''

By Catie Powers
When Robert Irwin traded in his khakis for a polo shirt, slacks, and an uncharacteristic 'smize' in his July 2022 Stellar photoshoot, the internet went into a frenzy.
'Does Robert Irwin have a girlfriend?' was frantically typed into Google as the croc-lover's fans flooded the 18-year-old's Instagram comments with compliments.
Date requests were also thrown out left, right, and centre. And not for the first time.
In June 2022, while visiting Australia Zoo, American Megan Grass went viral when she asked for Robert's number.
Robert had a classy reaction when asked for his number. (Image: TikTok)
"I think you're so cool and I was wondering if I could have your number," the brave visitor asked the Wildlife Warrior.
A visibly chuffed Robert laughed before telling Megan: "Well I'm very flattered, thank you," before asking where she was from.
When she revealed she hailed from Utah in the US, the Aussie replied: "Cool, yeah, nah Utah's great."
He went on to say that the "easiest way" to get in touch with him was via his Instagram DMs.
Megan went on to appear on Today where she revealed Robert is yet to reply to her DM. (Image: Nine)
He continued: "Then my people can look at it and monitor and see what comes through because my number's hit and miss."
At that point, Megan threw caution to the wind even further, confessing that she had DMed Robert the night prior to tell him of her intention to visit.
"Oh no," Robert said, adding he would look into finding her lost message.
The exchange garnered even more admirers of Robert's, no doubt increasing the volume of his DMs even further, and the teenager was later asked about the ordeal during his interview with Stellar.

"While I wasn't able to give out my personal details, I really appreciated having a conversation with someone who definitely had a great interest and passion for the Zoo and my message," he told the publication.
"If they're not ready to don that khaki and go feed crocs? Mate, it's not happening!" he added.
Robert's response, coupled with the reaction-stirring photoshoot, has many fans wondering if he actually already has a khaki-clad partner.
Well, we've investigated.
Does Robert have a partner? We've investigated. (Image: Instagram)
The Wildlife Warrior has been linked to a few women in the past.
In March 2020, our sister site New Idea spotted Rob with a girl named Elisha Jackson on what was reported as a double date with his sister and brother-in-law Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell.
The couple are said to have met on Instagram after Elisha visited Australia Zoo and confessed that she had a crush on Rob.
"Yesterday I went to Australia Zoo and told @robertirwinphotography how I felt," she wrote on Instagram following the trip, while Rob thanked her for visiting.
WATCH: Robert Irwin looks just like dad Steve in fun lake video. Article continues after video
At the same time, a source told the publication that Rob and Elisha "have so much fun together" and he was "very protective" of her.
A year prior, Rob was rumoured to be dating former Glee actress Emmy Perry who launched her own animal charity, Emmy's hope.
After the pair were pictured together at the annual Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Los Angeles, a source revealed that "sparks were flying between them".
In March that year, it was also reported that Rob had found love with children's book author Ashleigh Scully after they met in the US while he was promoting his family's show, Crikey! It's the Irwins.
In 2019, Rob was rumoured to be dating former Glee actress Emmy Perry. (Image: Instagram)
Following their meeting, Ashleigh took to Facebook to call the Irwin clan "amazing people" and "compassionate conservationists".
A source also revealed the pair had been in "constant contact" for a year.
Robert, however, has never confirmed a relationship himself and rarely talks about his love life publicly.
His mum, Terri, did share her thoughts on the growing female attention around Robert in 2018 during an interview for Access Live.
Terri Irwin previously spoke about the female attention around Robert. (Image: Instagram)
"Yes, well they are only human," his mum joked, before shifting focus to Robert's interest in photography.
"I do love watching him growing up and having a passion for photography. There's a lot of young girls that love photography as well."
Terri also admitted she occasionally gives Rob a nudge when she spots a girl he might fancy.
"I'll be like: 'She's kinda cute'," she said. "And he'll be like: 'Yeah, she has a Canon Eos mark 1 thing with an f2.8 dealymabobber and an awesome ISO'."
Bindi and Terri both then agreed that photography is Rob's "real love" at the moment.

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