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Rob Kardashian spends $17k on Blac Chyna’s pregnancy cravings

And they racked up that bill in just ONE MONTH!

By Elizabeth Best
Rob Kardashian is one devoted husband-to-be!
The reality TV star has just confessed that catering to Blac Chyna’s pregnancy cravings each month costs a lot of money… like, a ridiculous amount.
Rob revealed that his bill for food delivery last month topped out at nearly $17,000!
He made the shock revelation during a Facebook live chat, admitting that he gets all of her favourite foods delivered to their house to keep her happy.
That's some expensive food, Blac!
The sock designer admitted that he gets takeaway almost every single day.
Blac disagreed, saying she didn’t have any pregnancy cravings, but relented when Rob pointed out that her orders are very specific!
The 28-year-old mother-to-be told fans she’s obsessed with Philly cheesesteak.
Rob is happy to do whatever it takes to keep his bride-to-be happy.
The brother of Kim Kardashian also revealed that he is ready to get hitched, and anticipating his impending wedding.
“If it was up to Rob, literally we would go tomorrow!” Blac said, adding that it was important to her to get married “the traditional way”.
Rob definitely agreed with that: “Every woman deserves a beautiful wedding, not when they’re pregnant.”
Rob and Blac's reality TV is on its way! Get a sneak peek of the drama in the clip below.
Meanwhile Rob has slammed his family, calling them “disgusting”.
The comment followed a massive fight with Kourtney, after Blac reportedly posted emojis that appeared to represent her slapping Kylie Jenner.
After seeing the post, Kourtney was said to be furious.
Kourtney was reportedly mad at Blac for seemingly dissing Kylie.
Rob is NOT happy with the Kardashian klan.
Kourtney confronted her brother, who was not happy at all after he was put through the wringer.
According to the Kardashian sister, Rob then flew off the handle, saying “I'm gonna go on the red carpet tonight and I'm gonna tell everybody how I have the worst, most unsupportive, disgusting family.”
Keep up with this latest Kardashian fight in the clip below.

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