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Rita Ora hospitalised for exhaustion

The star reportedly collapsed just hours after she finished fighting a lengthy court battle.

By Elizabeth Best
Rita Ora has been whisked to hospital suffering from exhaustion.
Sources say she was admitted mere hours after the man who was charged with a terrifying invasion and burglary of her home was jailed for five years.
According to reports, the star has been massively overworked for the past few months, with both her performing schedule and the court case taking their toll.
Rita took to social media, posting a photo of herself looking very frail and lying in a hospital bed with a drip coming out of her arm.
The singer shocked fans with her latest Instagram post.
“Today was pretty tough but I’m getting through it thank you to all of you for the support," the singer-actress said.
“I love you! #exhaustionisreal.”
Don't try to talk to Rita Ora about her ex Calvin Harris... or what happens in the video below might happen! Post continues.
Legions of fans flocked to the image to tell Rita to get well soon.
Sources close to the singer spoke out on her condition to MailOnline: “Yes she was exhausted."
Rita has reportedly been overworked for months now.
“She’s been working solidly for the past few months and then when she can she parties,” the insider revealed.
"Over the last few months she has been flying back and forth between Vancouver and LA – on the 50 Shades set in Vancouver and then recording studio in LA."
The source continued: "She then flew to UK for the court trial and then went to Glastonbury for a few days partying and then came back on Monday and shot a two day ad campaign in London this Tuesday and Wednesday."
The 25-year-old faced a horrendous ordeal back in November last year when her home was invaded and robbed by a man while she and her sister were inside sleeping.
He caused damage and stole property including shoes, phones, computers and designer handbags to the value of $355,000.

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