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Riding in cars with boys! Justin Bieber and James Corden make for an amazing comedy duo

Love him or hate him, this video of Justin Bieber will brighten you day!

By Blake Nadilo
He’s become one of the most polarising figures in recent times from mug shots, to reckless driving and all round bad boy behaviour - the Biebs hasn’t been winning any new fans lately… until now.
Justin Bieber stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden recently and he won our hearts back in a segment called Carpool Karaoke, which saw James take the pop star driving as they sung to some of his greatest hits.
Watching the 21-year-old sing along to his 2010 song Baby pretty much sealed the deal for us, as he joked to the host that the smash hit has “the most dislikes on the internet.”
As the car ride progressed, Justin revealed on the back of his epic Calvin Klein underwear campaign that he never wears the same pair of undies twice - now that’s living.
In what was an extremely candid conversation Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend ate fries and stopped to take photos with some fans and opened up about his impressive lifestyle.
During the exchange Justin received a text message to which James questioned: “Who just sent you a text?”
“This girl”, the notorious Lothario responded.
James pressed for further information, “have you kissed her yet?”, “no, never kissed her,” before joking: “you can’t kiss before marriage, not even hold hands.”
And don’t get us started on the dancing. The Biebs’ unashamedly danced like we used to at the Blue Light Discos - it was perfect.
If that wasn’t enough the Boyfriend singer showed off his remarkable rubix cube skills, solving it in under two minutes!
Then he explained what Swag meant, and in an effort to console to the concerned talk show host and prove that he did have Swag, Justin offered to swap his expensive threads for the rather plain looking ones James Cordon was donning. How thoughtful!
The hilarious clip ends with a tender moment, when the singer opened up about where he wants to be 10 years from now, “I want to be completely secure in myself and have a family,” he said. Aww!
It’s official, the Woman’s Day office are now all unapologetic die-hard Beliebers.
Watch the AMAZING clip in the video player above!

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