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"I want something massive!" Ricky Martin shares his wedding plans

For Ricky and his hubby-to-be, when it comes to wedding planning the bigger, the better!

By Zoe Burrell
It’s been seven months since Ricky Martin announced his engagement to artist Jwan Yosef and now he’s sharing what we can expect from their big day.
"It's going to be a big event. I want something massive," Ricky told E! News.
"I for sure want to get married in Puerto Rico. That is something that has to happen. It's where I'm from, where my family is from,” Ricky shared.

In fact, the wedding will have guests from all over the world as the singer is Puerto Rican and Jwan has ties to Europe and the Middle East.
“He's from Sweden and some of his relatives are from Syria so we're going to do something international. We'll see what happens,” Ricky added.
Well, you can never go wrong with a destination wedding.
But despite the singer’s enthusiasm, it turns out planning a wedding is harder than he first thought and he’s trying hard not to go all Groomzilla on people.
"Everybody is talking about the wedding but nobody is talking about the planning of the wedding because it's so difficult," he joked.
"I didn't know it was so complicated to put together an event like the one we want."

Meanwhile, Ricky is currently shaking his bon-bon in Las Vegas performing at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. And, his, twin boys, Matteo and Valentino, are his biggest fans!
"I have them [at the show] every night," he explained.
"As long as there's no school the next day, they're with me."
Ricky’s life has certainly changed since becoming a father and his kids are his main priority.
"Every decision that I make is based on them and my kids are very happy and that means we're doing a good job. I'm very happy. It's beautiful."

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