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Richard Wilkins Today Show mistake: 'I can't believe I did that'

Today's Richard Wilkins made an embarrassing mistake when introducing musician Aloe Blacc as 'Aloe Vera'.

As channel 9 music guru was introducing the singer, who was going to perform his hit The Man, he said, "Enjoy, Aloe Vera!"
An embarrassed Wilkins was quick to correct his mistake as his crew tried muffle their giggles in the background.
"Aloe Blacc! I can't believe I did that, sorry," said the veteran host.
Holy Vera!!! I didn't mean to do that!! Oops! @aloeblacc awesome on @thetodayshow #today9 pic.twitter.com/tHqB25eI1v
Wilkins and the Today Show both made fun of the gaffe on social media and no offence was taken by good sport Aloe.

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