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She's a pretty woman! Richard Gere, 65, snapped with rumoured new girlfriend Alejandra Silva, 32

Snaps have emerged of Richard Gere, 65, with his new rumoured girlfriend Alejandra Silva,32, enjoying time at the beach in Italy.

By Chloe Lal
The Hollywood heartthrob seems to have found a new leading lady in Spanish socialite Alejandra Silva. The 32-year-old beauty is daughter to businessman Ignacio Silva, who was the former financial vice president of the soccer club, Real Madrid.
Richard and Alejandra seemed to be getting along as they were snapped during a trip in Acitrezza, Italy.
E! News confirmed that pair were dating and the pair have had no trouble flaunting their new romance as they travelled around the European country. They were spotted showing off some PDA while enjoying the beach in Sicily.
A friend of Alejandra's chatted to Spain’s ABC, "They've been together for about a year but have been very private about it. Alejandra lives between Manhattan and Madrid and Richard has already been to see her a few times."
Before adding, "They've managed to keep it hidden from the press but all their friends know."
It’s believed that Richard and Alejandra made their first public appearance at the 61st Annual Taormina Film Festival in Sicily on Wednesday, where Richard was a recipient of the award.

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