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Review: *The Rebound*

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In case the movie's tagline "She's still got it. He's just getting it" wasn't clear enough, this movie adds weight to the fact that [cougars](http://aww.ninemsn.com.au/slideshow_ajax.aspx?sectionid=9885&sectionname=news&subsectionid=203835&subsectionname=inpictures_cougars_slide) are the new black. Funnyman Justin Bartha has teamed up with Catherine Zeta-Jones in this fresh, sexy romantic comedy about unexpected romance.
After a heartbreaking realisation that her husband, and father of her two children, has cheated on her, stay-at-home mum Sandy (Zeta-Jones) packs up with kids in tow and moves to New York City.
After landing a job and a blind date she is in need of a babysitter and, as luck would have it, is able to ask 25-year-old Aram Finklestein (Bartha) the friendly, cute barista who works beneath her apartment. Cue romantic music.
Like all good (and bad) rom-coms, the storyline is fairly predictable: boy meets girl; girl sees boy just as a friend; boy develops feelings for girl and her family; girl realises what she's been looking for all along has been right under her nose; then conflict and then resolution — good or bad — at the end of the movie.
Like all true romantic comedies, the element of chance plays a large part (imagine if Harry had never met Sally), and we take it on face value because, well, that's what we sign up for when we go and see a romantic comedy.
Though Zeta-Jones might have passed the days when she played the pin-up girl, she has moved into the sugar-mummy category with ease. She plays the part of the wronged woman with an honesty that makes the viewer truly feel that she is out of depth. But at the same time, Sandy does not want her children to worry and instinctively puts them first (save for leaving them with a stranger as a babysitter).
Justin Bartha is very likeable in the role of Aram, a little goofy and awkward but also mature beyond his character's 25 years.
A special mention should go out to the young Andrew Cherry and Kelly Gould who play Sandy's children, Frank and Sadie. These two, particularly Cherry are great young actors who are sure to be headliners themselves one day.
If the deluge of romantic comedies at your cinema leaves you confused, make your decision based on your love of the genre. If you're a rom-com lover (or in want of a good date flick) then check it out, if not, wait until it hits DVD.
The Rebound is in cinemas nationally from March 18.

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