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Renee Zellweger and Patrick Dempsey walk the red carpet in Sydney

The pair were in Australia on the promotional trail for Bridget Jones' Baby.

By Elizabeth Best
Aussie fans of Bridget Jones were whipped into a frenzy as Renee Zellweger and Patrick Dempsey attended the Sydney premiere of the newest installment in the franchise.
Those who were lucky enough to attend were treated to a Q and A with the Bridget Jones’s Baby stars hosted by Sophie Monk.
The radio host was thrilled to interview Renee and Patrick, and posted a picture of the trio on Instagram, alongside the caption: “These two are so beautiful”.
In the interview, Renee and Patrick confessed their favourite scenes in the movie, as well as talking about what it was like to work with Emma Thompson.
Sophie just casually hanging out with her two mega-star friends.
“You never know what you’re gonna get with Emma, she’s always mixing it up,” Renee said of the actress who’s also one of the film’s writers.
“She’s brilliant and she’s funny.”
WATCH: Renee and Patrick chat about the film in the player below. Post continues after the video!
Renee confessed she has more than a few "Bridget" moments.
The blonde actress revealed she’s had many cringe-worthy Bridget moments in her life.
“We are all just normal after all!” she said, confessing that the moments happened “regularly… more than I’d like to admit.”
She continued, “I think that’s why folks love Bridget. Because she makes being imperfect OK,” the 47-year-old mused.
How gorgeous did these two look on the red carpet?
Renee also hinted at the fact that she might have had a hand in ensuring Patrick, aka Dr McDreamy, was her new co-star for the film.
“Of course,” she said, when Sophie quizzed her about it. “Who wouldn’t?”
Meanwhile, in a stroke of weird coincidence, Renee was on the same plane to Sydney as another big star.
Peekaboo Justin Theroux, we see you!
Photographers waiting to catch a glimpse of the golden-haired actress landing in the country with boyfriend Doyle Bramhall were surprised to also snap a photo of Justin Theroux following close behind them!
The actor and husband of Jennifer Aniston is reportedly in Sydney to film scenes for his new HBO show The Leftovers.
Can't wait to see the movie? Check out the Bridget Jones' Baby trailer in the clip below.

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