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Inside The Voice host Renee Bargh's "#QuarantineDiaries" as she is forced to spend two weeks alone in a hotel room

''Slight torture!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
The Voice co-host Renee Bargh currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Sydney, regularly flying back and forth between the two cities for work commitments.
But with the COVID-19 pandemic completely changing the way we travel and strict quarantine rules in place, Renee has been forced to self-isolate in a Sydney hotel room following her most recent journey, after returning home from Hollywood.
The 33-year-old is back on Aussie soil to film more episodes of the hit Channel Nine reality singing show, along with her bestie and coach Delta Goodrem.
But before she can join Delta and her co-host Darren McMullen on set, Renee must live through what thousands of other overseas travellers have had to experience over the past few months - mandatory isolation for 14 days in a hotel.
Ever since she checked into the hotel in the Sydney CBD, the Extra entertainment correspondent has been entertaining her 98,000 Instagram followers with candid videos from inside her suite, dubbed the "#QuarantineDiaries".
Renee has been posting candid makeup-free videos on her Instagram stories of her time in quarantine. Image: Instagram
Renee is the new co-host on The Voice this year, alongside returning star Darren McMullen. Image: Instagram
On Wednesday afternoon, Renee revealed she's already going a little stir-crazy.
"So day 2 update. I haven't brushed my hair, it's 3.30pm and I feel like it's 8.30pm," Renee said.
"I have been on about 6 FaceTime calls today, I've watched about five episode of the Jordan doc [Netflix documentary The Last Dance], I worked out this morning, I meditated and now what?"
Earlier in the week, Renee revealed she was going to use the time in lockdown to complete a juice cleanse and posted a photo of Australian health brand Orchard St's famous smoothies to her Instagram stories.
"Just completed day one of quarantine and also day 1 of the Orchard St autumn cleanse and it is yummy, very delicious," she said, before jokingly adding, "but it is a cleanse and therefore I might need to unfollow anyone and everyone who posts food photos!"
Referring to her cleanse, she captioned the video: "Slight torture".
"I'm so happy right now! Time to cleanse!" she wrote. Image: Instagram
A friend also delivered a bunch of healthy groceries and snacks to Renee's hotel room. Image: Instagram
Renee will soon be reunited with her The Voice co-stars as production resumes on the show, after filming was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.
She recently revealed landing the hosting gig was a dream come true, especially as it allows her to work alongside her pal Delta.
Renee pictured while isolating at home in Los Angeles recently. Image: Instagram
Delta Goodrem and Renee Bargh have been friends for years - and now they get to work together on The Voice. Image: Getty
The stunning Aussie gals have been friends for over a decade - they even lived together in Los Angeles at one point - and have both wanted to work with each other for years.
"I've been begging [to host The Voice] for years," Renee told Channel Nine.
"I lived with Delta when she started doing The Voice and we always were like, 'Oh this would be so amazing to do together'.
She said the pair "screamed like schoolgirls" when the offer eventually came through.
"We both just kind of looked at each other like, 'Wow, we did it.' We've been talking about this for so long and we're just so excited to get to go to work together every day."
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