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Pitch not-so Perfect: Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick’s off-screen friendship hits a sour note

The two hilarious movie stars aren’t laughing behind the scenes

Despite the huge box-office success of Pitch Perfect 2, not everyone in the cast is singing in perfect harmony. Woman’s Day understands that all is not well between co-stars Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick.
A source explains that “they never got on well from the beginning” because Anna finds Aussie actress Rebel “cheesy and crude”. Meanwhile, an insider reveals that Rebel finds Anna “uptight” – but adds that professional rivalry is the real root of the problem.
“Anna loves the limelight, and the fact that Rebel gets more attention for being funny really gets to her,” the source says. “She can be pretty rude to Rebel at times.”
The movie’s insiders are hoping Anna and Rebel can bridge their differences – and fast – with news that a third Pitch Perfect installment has been green-lit for release in July 2017.
Find out more about the feisty feud in this week's issue of Woman's Day

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