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Rebekah's gorgeous garden wedding

The small screen star's wedding was an intimate affair. Sarah Blake was there to help celebrate. Home And Away favourite Rebekah Elmaloglou's wedding to Kane Baker was an intimate, idyllic return to the Byron Bay hills where they first fell in love. From a dreamy bush waltz to a belting blues set from the groom, music wound its way through every moment of Rebekah and Kane's afternoon celebration. And in a fitting nod to their union, each perfect note hummed with a deeply personal resonance. This meant the impromptu twilight waltz was accompanied by Rebekah's beaming father Gregory, a cellist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for 45 years, while Kane's late night jam session saw his dad David grab the mike and draw the party to the dance floor. "It was the perfect mix – we had a bit of classical, we had a jazz band and then there was some blues and rock 'n' roll. We wanted it to have a little bit of everything that makes us who we are," Rebekah explains. The signs that theirs would be a wedding to remember were there from the first rays of dawn. Gone for just one day was the rain that would return the next morning, the natural setting of a friend's luxury retreat shining under brilliant blue skies. "It was everything we had hoped for, exactly what we had pictured," says Rebekah. "And the best thing was that it wasn't contrived at all. Instead, it all just flowed beautifully and we didn't have to worry about anything."

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